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ClientScout-e-Entertainment.Agency is a division of Wayne A. Cargill ~ Client Scout Agency which is a one of a kind international Advertising, BrandingMarketing, and Entertainment agency. We are currently scouting the globe, seeking to represent and present unknown, unsigned common people who possess uncommon talents, making the unknown famous. We are currently accepting submissions for Songster Records, Bohemian e-Art Global Gallery, Bibliomania e-Books Store, Cargill e-Comics, and Ground Zero Gaming Technology. Please ensure you have read, fully understand, and agree with all respective submission rules prior to submitting any material.

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By clicking "Submit", you are stating that the demo soundtracks submitted are all your own original work with no sampled music as the background beat, the lyrics or comedy skits are not plagiarized, and have no copyright protection held on them. Once the demo soundtracks have been uploaded to ClientScout-e-Entertainment.Agency, the lyrics, pictures, and audio files will be date time stamped, and the copyright will be instantly applied. SongsterRecords.Online will be the producers, and the publisher of the Digital Singles, You agree to weave all rights to all submitted material to SongsterRecords.Online. As the publisher SongsterRecords.Online will hold all the copyrights to the lyrics, intellectual properties, creative content and audio files in all file formats for all time, with all rights rights reserved. SongsterRecords.Online shall hold, and enforce Internet Exclusivity on all submitted material.  
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