Client Scout e-Entertainment Manifesto
Songster Records "Where The Music Becomes You"

Client Scout e-Entertainment Agency is currently scouting the globe seeking to represent and present common people who posess uncommon talents, "Making The Unknown Famus". ClientScout-e-Entertainment.Online has a mandate to scout, cultivate, represent and present the finest unknown, unsigned, independent amateur talent with original material in the e-Entertainment Industry as follows:    The top 150 musicians from 15 genres for our record label: Digital Audio Copyright, and Distribution subdivision Songster Records, the top 10 stand up comedians also for our record label SongsterRecords.Online

The top 150 short story authors in the categories as follows: Science Fiction, Satire, Drama Action Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self-Help, Health, Travel, Children's, Science, History, Math, Poetry, Comics, Art, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Series, Trilogy, Biographies, Autobiographies, and Fantacy


150 Unknown, Unsigned Authors will be chosen for our e-Book publishing and streaming subdivision Bibliomaina e-Books,

 The top 10 amateur Action Adventure Enthusiasts comic book illustrators, illustrations, and authors for our e-Comic Book Publishing and Streaming Subdivision Cargill e-Comics "Because It's FUN".

The top 10 Photographers, the top 10 Painters of different styles of art, the top 10 Sketch Artists, the top 10 Wood carvers of various styles of art, the top 10 Sculptures, the top 10 Airbrush - Urban Art, the top 10 glass blowers, the top 10 metal fabrication artists, the top 10 Pottery artists, and the top 10 Graphic Design artists for our e-Art Gallery: Digital Image Copyright, Publishing, & Distribution Subdivision Bohemian e-Art Global Gallery "Art Is Life And Life Is Art".


We strongly believe in supporting unknown, unsigned, independent amateur artists who are common people possessing uncommon talents in a wide range of fields within the e-Entertainment industry. Client Scout e-Entertainment Agency in association with Wayne A. Cargill Agency are currently scouting the globe with the  goal to discover, represent, and present over 400 unknown, unsigned musicians, artists, authors, illustrators, and video game developers from over 40 countries. Of the chosen 400 Client Franchises, over the next decade, we intend to create over 100 multimillionaires, and change an entire industry. We will showcase via advertisingbranding and marketing your talent on our Digital Media Network in several countries around the world, which is powered by Wayne A. Cargill ~ Client Scout Agency. As you climb our top charts in your e-Entertainment field, so too will your popularity, and fame grow. Hence our tagline "Making The Unknown Famous".


If you are an unknown, unsigned, common person possessing uncommon talent who feels your time has finally come, then we wish to hear from you now.

Bibliomania e-Books Reading Into The Future
Cargill e-Comics "For The Action Adventure Enthusiast In You"

The top 80 unknown, unsigned video game developers of video games as follows: Action - Platform games - Shooter games, Action-adventure - Survival Horror, Adventure - Text Adventure, Roll Playing - Action RPG, Simulation - Construction and Management Simulation, Strategy, Sports, and Racing games which may be used on personal computers and various hand held devices for our Interactive Gaming Subdivision Ground Zero Technology Gaming "Leveling The Playing Field" 

Ground Zero Technology "Leveling The Playing Field"
Bohemian e-Art Global Gallery "Art Is Life And Life Is Art"
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